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Mobile fabrication kit for plexiglass enclosures.
59-piece plexiglass fabrication kit with tool bag. Includes one of every item on the page and a 4750FB2-19A tool bag.

CRC offers a variety of cleaning products that can help in your customers’ disinfecting processes. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Guideline for Disinfecting and Sterilization in Health Care Facilities, cleaning the surface is critical to proper disinfecting and sterilization. This is also true for any surfaces outside of a health care environment.

The new right angle Type 27 wheel grinders come in 0.5 HP & 1 HP. The end user has the choice of either a heavy or medium duty angle head. Both grinders are designed to “ease work of a daily grind”.

Sioux Tools designs the tool to fit the application. Many businesses require tools that can deliver high performance but are not subject to the constant demands of industrial applications. To meet these requirements, Sioux developed the Force line.

Built to a higher level of quality, Sioux Industrial and Impact Drivers are built a step above the standard. Manufactured from the highest quality materials, and utilizing the most advanced motor and clutch designs, these tools are constructed to hold up under continuous use in the toughest working environments.

An impact wrench delivers a series of rotary blows to a fastener, producing torque. The action of the torque creates clamp force in an assembly. Interaction of the motor, clutch and drive-end determine the type of application an impact wrench can handles. The advantages of impact wrenches are a high power-to weight ratio, fast rundown, and no torque reaction to operator.

Sioux Type 27 metal body grinders offer a robust steel or a durable aluminum housing. All Sioux grinders are Made in America!

New to the market! Sioux vertical grinders & sanders carry many benefits to the operator. They come in both 4 HP & 5 HP models. Complete with a 2-stage throttle and long life Kevlar vanes, these grinders & sanders are both lightweight and powerful.

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We believe in partnering with our customers to create a relationship that is long-term and mutually beneficial to both companies. This fosters relationships that result in documented cost savings and increased efficiencies for our customers.

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